An ATM for your real money

It is an electronic device connected to a central system that works in a network in order to make withdrawals and deposits PhiCoin Cash Gold. These financial movements will be reflected directly in the personal PhiCoin Wallet of each user. They correspond to a network of ATMs belonging to the PhiCoin Gold cryptocurrency. This ATM network can turn Phicoin Gold into Phicoin Gold Cash and vice versa. They are directly integrated with the virtual platform of PhiCoin Wallet ™ and PhiCoin Merchant ™

Easy access even in new and unexpected places

Global Coverage

Multifunctional (Make withdrawals and deposits)
Direct connection to your personal PhiCoin Wallet wallet
Fast and effective management of PhiCoin Gold / Cash Gold
Efficiency and speed in handling your cash
Simple to operate
Remove and Deposit your PhiCoin Gold Cash

Information security with encrypted and decentralized technology.

Connected with your smart mobile devices through PhiCoin Wallet

Low charges on handling fees for use

Custom design with Android operating system to connect to any device.

Get a PhiCoin ATM at your store

Be part of the creation of a BioEconomy that transcends a more conscious, free and prosperous society.
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