The road to a free economy
We believe that gold and silver are the highest form of money, by integrating them with technological advances it is possible to return effective usability and bring economic freedom to people. For those who believe in these same values, PhiCoin is a real alternative to fiat currencies.

Your virtual wallet to manage, transfer, pay and cash your Phi Coin Gold quickly and safely.

Join our PhiCoin Gold ATM network and enjoy our exchange services.

Receive electronic payments in PhiCoin Gold from your customers in a simple way without high intermediation costs.
Each PhiCoin Gold represents a gram of high purity gold (999)
Technology and security
Distributed Registration Technology (DLT) Blockchain ECR20 Ethereum.
Usability and medium of exchange
A complete ecosystem to facilitate its use in transfers, payments and cash withdrawals.
Reserve of value
It retains its purchasing power over time by the anti-inflationary property represented by the gold standard.
Global Liquidity
Globally interchangeable for any fiat currency or cryptocurrency.
Sustainable Mining
Support for the elimination of the use of mercury in artisanal mining and contribution to the development of thousands of communities in mining areas.